Quality Objectives

  • Increase the satisfaction of our customers
  • Reduce the claims and complaints from the customers
  • Increase the effectiveness of our processes
  • Optimize the Working Capital
  • Increase the skills of our employees
  • Reduce the cost of non-quality
  • Increase the satisfaction of our employees
  • Create a culture of innovation
  • Reduce unsafe conditions
  • Encourage the participation of our employees in continuous improvement programs

 Environmental Objectives

  • Increase and persuade the participation of our human group in environmental improvements
  • Optimization of water resource
  • Reduce the use of energy resources
  • Reduce the generation of hazardous waste
  • Reduce the generation of solid, industrial and urban waste
  • Enhance environmental training of employees and stakeholders

Objectives of the Occupational Health and Safety Management System

  • Reduce the degree of danger in the organization
  • Increase significant efforts creating preventive actions constantly, according to the management system
  • Reduce the potential accidents and incidents during all work activities
  • Moderate the prevalence of occupational diseases
  • Decrease the labor competency gap in worker safety
  • Maintain compliance with 100% of the legislation.