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Quality and Environmental Policy

In CENTELSA, we are committed to achieve and enhance the satisfaction of our customers, collaborators and shareholders, fulfilling with the applicable regulations and objectives proposed, in a proper balance between economic development and rational use of resources, and environmental protection and conservation supported by the Xignux (CTX) work culture and the code of ethics.

Safety, Occupational Health and Ecology Policy

CENTELSA, within the framework of its ECOSEGURA management system, determines the following purposes to guarantee a safe, healthy and responsible working environment with the environment:

  1. Implement the necessary measures for the timely detection, control and reduction of risks arising from all processes in the organization, especially in extrusion.
  2. Develop the necessary controls to eliminate hazards and reduce risk factors in all company processes.
  3. To intervene the mechanical risk in the processes that generate exposure to moving parts in all plants.
  4. All CENTELSA workers must apply industrial safety standards.
  5. Facilitate the training of workers according to the defined training plan.
  6. Facilitate the training of the brigade members of each of the areas.
  7. All area supervisors must be certified as brigade members.
  8. To generate actions that reduce the carbon footprint generated by the company’s processes.
  9. Intervene the environmental aspects generated in the productive processes.
  10. Ensure compliance with Colombian legislation and the improvement of the management system.