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WE RECYCLE OUR COILS ¡We all win if we go back to the planet more!

At CENTELSA we are committed to the environment, that’s why we recycle our coils.

When we recycle a wooden coil, we help protect the forests, we can recycle up to 3 cycles, which generates less environmental impact, no longer occupies space in your workplace and, with a call, our ally, Carretes y Maderas, will go through for the coils to your company

Carretes y Maderas awards a payment and an environmental certificate for each reel. Currently its coverage is in Medellín, Cali and Bogotá. The minimum amount to schedule the collection in urban areas is 20 reels of different sizes or up to 8 large reels (from the reference number 17 onwards) * The terms and conditions apply. Subject to the cities where we have coverage.

The reused coils have a green stamp that identifies them as recycled. These have already been recycled and, therefore, although they do not have the same appearance, they have a more elaborate process that gives them a lot of value.

Now that you know it, contact the contact number,

(+57) 312 296 4470

and ask for the collection of your coils